My head is going round and round and round. And when it's not going round and round and round, it's going up and down and up and down onto the keyboard of my laptop.

This is because my brain is full and cannot accept any more information to absorb, file, note for action and administer.

It's all the fault of these jolly blog things and etsy, of course!!

So, in an attempt to 'file' and 'administer, I am making my first blog here.

And this is purely to direct you all to other places. How's that for administration and shifting the workload??

You may, or may not, wish to visit the following:

My blog, at

This has the advantage, for those who like the country, of having blogs about and pictures of, sheep, lambs, chickens, cats and logs. Together with some humour!

My shop at

Where you can see what I do when I'm not banging my head on the keyboard.

My shop at

Where you can see pretty much the same thing.

A group of pictures of craft items (pretty good stuff) at

and, last but by no means least, my daughter's penguin shop at

and her penguin website at

I should be delighted to hear if any of you visit any of these places. It will make me feel much less like a rat running round a maze, much more in touch with the world and it may, even, reduce the incidence of head banging.

The keyboard already has one key missing. But that was the cat!!

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Comment by Jill on April 16, 2008 at 2:11am
Hi Vicki

I have been looking around and noticed this blog of yours. Just thought you would like to know that people are more likely to visit your sites if you put them up as a link. You highlight the words you want and then click on the 'add hyperlink' above and type in your url. For example your Etsy site
is and now that is a link so people can click on it easier. I will have a look myself after this.

Bye for Now
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